1983 Family Handyman Feature: How to Make a DIY House for Under $16,000

In celebration of Family Handyman's upcoming 70th anniversary, take a look back at this article from 1983 that taught readers how to build a modular vacation home.

Family Handyman

Build Your Own Weekend Getaway

What if I told you that you could build a vacation home from a DIY kit that costs less than the average down payment on a modern home? Sounds impossible, right? Well, it wasn’t back in 1983 when Shelter-Kit Inc. was selling “The Lofthouse,” a modular DIY package that included everything needed to build a 480 sq. ft. cabin in the woods. According to the article, even an “inexperienced builder” could build a home from one of these kits. Sounds like quite the project for a beginner.

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