4 Favorite Pro Tips You Need to Know

When working on DIY projects, it helps to have pro friends that have time- and stress-saving tricks up their sleeves. These are four of our favorites.

Suspended Ceilings

Family Handyman

Family Handyman

Cut holes with drywall tools

Scribe holes with a drywall circle gauge, and then make the cuts with a drywall saw. With just these two tools, you can cut a wide variety of hole sizes. Learn how to install a suspended ceiling yourself.

Steel Stud Framing

Family Handyman

Protect cords and yourself

When you’re installing metal studs, accidentally stepping on an extension cord that’s draped over a sharp track is a perfect way to cut your cord. To prevent this, take a scrap of track, flip it upside down and put it under the cord.


Family Handyman

Dull blades are actually better for plastic pipe

A wood blade in a recip saw cuts much faster than a metal blade. But the big, aggressive teeth often grab hold of the pipe, rattling everything, including you. So save those dull blades for ABS and PVC.


Family Handyman

Move one ring at a time

Figuring out the right combination of turns to get an elbow to point in the right direction can be perplexing. Try moving one “gore” (elbow ring) at a time, starting with the connected side. And don’t make 90-degree turns if you don’t have to. A 90-degree elbow creates the same resistance as adding 5 ft. of pipe.

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