A Gas Can that Won’t Spill

Stop worrying about having to clean up a gas spill when you pick up the SureCan gas can.

What Are SureCan Gas Cans?

SureCan gas cans have finally solved the spilling problem people face when pouring gas from a regular gas can. SureCan features a drop down nozzle so you don’t have to worry about gas spilling over but that’s not all.

Why SureCan Gas Cans are Great

Instead of tipping a gas can to pour the gas into something, the SureCan’s nozzle works by pushing a button. No more spillage and less worries about drips when you’re done pouring.

What else makes SureCan great is the big nozzle on the back that makes pumping gas so much better and the cap is ultra-durable so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or stripping out. Plus, while you’re filling up, you can easily see how much fuel is going into it by eying it up with the levels printed on the SureCan.

The SureCan is self-venting and has child-proof caps so it’s a safe gas can. And it’s six-layer high density plastic construction means it will hold its shape for years to come. Just make sure you don’t have stale gas around because it could harm your small engine.

Where to Buy SureCan

Find the SureCan Gas Can online at Amazon or visit SureCanUSA. The SureCan comes in a 2.2 gallon size for $36.89 on Amazon and a 5-gallon can runs around $47 at Amazon.

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