Get To Know the Google Home Mini

In a day and age with so many devices that can double as a speaker for music and a virtual assistant, why should you buy the Google Home Mini? Let’s dig in!

Google Home Minivia

Google Home Mini is just one of the many devices Google has available for controlling compatible smart home devices. But in a day and age with so many devices that can double as a speaker for music and a virtual assistant, why should you buy the Google Home Mini? Let’s dig in!

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Google Home Mini Features

First thing’s first: We love that the Google Home Mini can provide a long list of tools to make your home more efficient while taking up no more space than the palm of your hand. The aesthetics are noteworthy, too. The Google Home Mini features mesh fabric in your choice of coral, chalk, aqua or charcoal.The lower portion of the device features grippy silicone to resist sliding. Want a battery base that allows you to bring the device from room to room? Check out this rechargeable battery base that comes in light gray, dark gray or orange.

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Google Home Mini Price

At just $49, the Google Home Mini is the cheapest purchase in Google’s smart home fleet. We love that it offers more than just a Bluetooth music experience. Thanks to the built-in Google Assistant, you can ask the Mini random questions, get personalized help with your schedule, commute, travel information, etc., help you find a lost smartphone, call family and friends, control music, thermostats, lights, start a TV show and more with voice commands. The device works with more than 1,000 smart devices from more than 150 popular brands.

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Google Home Mini Review

It’s Not Great as a Stand-Alone Speaker

If you’re looking for a budget virtual assistant that doesn’t take up a lot of space, the Google Home Mini is a solid option. It offers all the features of the more expensive and larger Google Home. But, because it’s so small, don’t expect stellar sound quality throughout your home. The device is better as a desk or kitchen speaker than a whole, large room.

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If you want to keep it from cluttering a space like your kitchen countertops, you’ll love this space-saving accessory that keeps your Mini up and out of the way on the wall.

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It has Immaculate Voice Recognition

While it may not be your go-to device for blasting music throughout your home, its voice recognition is top-notch. Shout across the room or speak softly near the device and the Google Home Mini is sure to answer.

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