All Pet Owners Need This Christmas Tree

An easy way to pet-proof your Christmas tree this season.

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‘Tis the time of year to gather with family, decorate the Christmas tree, and then watch said decorated tree eaten/scaled/played with/tipped over and possibly destroyed by your beloved fur babies. While it may be a cute photo opportunity, it can also wreak havoc on your nerves and give you a never-ending sense of dread that you’ll come home to destruction in the form of broken ornaments and a tangle of tinsel. (We know you’re thinking, my cat will just climb right up the trunk. Well, at least they won’t be pawing at and laying beneath the tree chewing on ornaments.)

Luckily, UK-based Argos has created a solution to prevent your Christmas tree cat-astrophes: a 6-foot half-tree. With branches only at the top, pawing low-hanging ornaments, gnawing on branches, and toppling the tree is (nearly) impossible. Unluckily, they only ship to the UK. Don’t fret! There are some easy hacks to make your own pet-proof semi-tree.

Go With an Artificial Christmas Tree

Opt for an unlit fake tree with hooked construction branches. That way you can assemble only the top and wrap some garland around the “trunk” to create a full-foliage effect. Fake trees can also be a healthier alternative for your cat or dog because real fir trees are known to be mildly toxic to them.

Going artificial does have its pros and cons, so be sure to make the decision that’s best for you.

Find Your Shears

If you can’t part from a real tree, then find your favorite one and trim the bottom half of its branches. You can do this quickly and painlessly with a pair of pruning shears or loppers.

Don’t forget to fire-proof your tree set-up! Follow these safety tips.

Get Creative

Unconvinced a half-tree will prevent Milo from making his evergreen climb? Can’t imagine having just one part of the tree on display? Try using fishing line (it will be nearly invisible) to anchor the tree so it won’t tip over. If you have a flair for the non-traditional, then experiment with one of these ingenious tree alternatives.

No matter what you decide to do to pet-proof your house this season, remember that it’s the season of giving. If you really want to spoil your pet while taking away its playground, try making their present this year! A hand-made gift is more meaningful, after all.

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