Best Home Office Paint Colors

These office paint colors are a great way to show off your personality and, in some cases, boost productivity.

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Decorating your home office can be an exciting process. While you get to show off your personality in a way you likely wouldn’t be able to in a corporate setting, you must also take into consideration ways to boost productivity. With your cozy bed down the hall, laundry sitting in the dryer ready to be folded and last night’s dishes in the sink, staying inspired and focused in your home office is a top priority. Start with the basics by choosing home office paint colors that keep you on-task.

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Color #1: Blue-Gray

Why: Gray gives off a neutral mood, while blue is calming. Blue-gray is ideal for home office paints colors if you want to achieve a soothing vibe to offset work stress.

Try it Out: Paint your walls in lighter hues of the two-toned color to create a peaceful feeling upon entering the room. If you go too dark, you could create a feeling of melancholy.

We love the Benjamin Moore paint color “Mt. Rainer Gray,” shown here.

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Color #2: Pastel Yellow

Why: Those in a creative industry will do well with a pastel yellow to get their creativity flowing as the color stimulates emotion, particularly feelings of happiness.

Try it Out: Pair it with white and brown decor throughout your home office, which work well with the golden tones that peek through in pastel yellow.

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Color #3: Green

Why: Green is a reassuring color. It’s symbolic of the peacefulness and vitality of nature, while also representing money and its ability to promote success and financial security. This makes it a perfect color to balance the energy in your home office.

Try it Out: Stick to a pale green and use the shade to offset a room that doesn’t have a lot of natural light. A soft green will feel refreshing in an otherwise closed-off space.

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Color #4: Orange

Why: Orange is a bold color for any wall, especially when considering home office paint colors, but its lively, happy and passionate can keep you focused as you work.

Try it Out: Too much orange in a small space, like a tiny home office, can end up looking tacky. Avoid that by paint one wall orange and choosing a softer, neutral paint color for the other walls. It’s a surefire way to boost your energy during those inevitable afternoon slumps.

Color #5: Creamy White

Why: Creamy whites go with everything! With a creamy white, you can go wherever you want with the rest of your decor and your walls will be the perfect backdrop. Framed black-and-white photography looks great on a creamy white wall.

Try it Out: If your personality is understated elegance, then a creamy white is the way to go. But how do you avoid it coming off as boring in your home office, when you have so many possibilities to dress things up? One way is to try a striped wall. First, paint the wall in a cream white color, then add thick, bright white stripes to create an accent wall.

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