Get Your Hands on a Tough Utility Knife

You won't mind shelling out a few extra bucks to pick up OLFA's utility knife. It might just be the best utility knife out there. Here's why.

OLFA vs. Other Utility Knives

What’s great about this OLFA utility knife? There’s a lot to like because it’s one of the toughest knives out there.┬áThe anti-slip rubber grip will help assure you that it won’t fly out of your hand.

OLFA’s Ratchet Lock

There’s a ratchet lock so you can pick your depth and not worry about the blade retreating.

OLFA’s Utility Knife Blade Snaps Off

The OLFA utility knife also features a snap-off blade so you can finish the job without have to take the time to insert a new blade.

How Much is the OLFA Utility Knife?

The knife is around $10 and a pack of replacement blades runs around $13.

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OLFA 5004 L-2 18mm Rubber Inset Heavy-Duty Utility KnifeAmazon