Best Vacuum for Dust Control

If you need better dust control in the workshop or on the job, take a look at Makita’s backpack vacuum.

Makita’s 18V Brushless Cordless 1/2 Gal. Backpack Extractor/Vacuum

Makita’s 18V brushless cordless 1/2 gallon backpack extractor/vacuum is a great addition for anyone trying to find better dust control. The backpack vacuum is versatile and will hook up to nearly every tool with a dust port. So if you’ve got a cordless tool as well, you’ll be able to go anywhere.

Makita’s Backpack Vacuum Details

The backpack comes in at 10 1/2 pounds with the two 18V batteries and a 39-inch flex hose. It comes with a two-speed remote control with LED lights on the end of the remote and it uses a HEPA filter as well.

Makita’s Backpack Vacuum Power

Makita’s backpack vacuum has got power with 53 CFM of suction power, which also provides 28 1/2 feet of water lift. It’ll run for 90 minutes on the low power setting and 60 minutes on the higher setting.

Makita Backpack Vacuum Warranty

It comes with a three-year warranty as well.

Find this tremendous Makita backpack vacuum on Amazon.

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