This Material Makes the Perfect Sanding Block

To keep the sandpaper from tearing on the edges of his 2-1/2 x 5-in. wooden sanding blocks (custom-made to fit quarter sheets), Ken glued a layer of cork on the bottom.

Family Handyman

Add Cork for a Better Sanding Block

Sanding blocks are key to any woodworking or DIY project. I used to take a scrap board from my pile and slap a piece of sandpaper onto the bottom and not think twice. Now I have thought twice about it and realize that I have been wasting sandpaper because it easily rips against the sharp corners of the block. Simply put, I don’t utilize the full life of the sandpaper. My solution is to add a thin layer of cork to my sanding blocks.

Best Way to Use Cork

Step 1: Cut the cork to size

Cut the 1/4-in. cork to the size of the sanding block with a utility knife. My blocks are usually 2-1/2 in. x 5-in.  You can buy a roll of cork for $5 at home centers.

Step 2: Add the cork to the block

Glue the cork to the sanding block with CA glue or super glue. Because I go through this work for one sanding block, I like to drill a small hole through the block and cork so I can hang it onto my tool wall for future use.

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