Watch This Woman Completely Transform Her Boring Closet Doors

Who doesn't want a new spring color palette?

Springtime is the perfect time for a paint refresh. Whether you’re moving into a new home or just finally getting around to covering that dated wall color, a new coat of paint can really brighten and vitalize a space. Even better, you don’t need to paint an entire room to make a huge impact—there are plenty of small-scale paint jobs that bring loads of personality to a home, such as painting your furniture, shutters or even closet doors.

This week, we spotted a TikTok from DIYer Reidhead Homestead (@reidheadhomestead) beautifully illustrating just how simple and dramatic the process of repainting and adding trim to closet doors can be. Check out the video for yourself below.

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How Can I Repaint and Trim My Closet Doors?

If you’re now feeling inspired to repaint your doors, rest assured the process is pretty painless. After all, it’s fully possible to paint a door without removing it from its hinges.



Once you’ve gathered your materials, it’s time to get painting!

  1. First things first, remove the closet doors from their tracks or hinges using the screwdriver and remove their hardware. Then, use a rag and household cleaner to wash the doors off.
  2. Now, line up the painter’s tape along the wall outside the doorframe. Using a small foam brush and your preferred paint, paint the doorframe trim.
  3. Next, fill in any holes or gashes in your door using the sandable filler and paint knife.
  4. Once the filler is dry, lightly sand the door to prep for priming.
  5. Apply an even coat of the primer to the door using a wide foam paintbrush or small roller brush.
  6. Once the primer is dry, paint the door with an even coat of your favorite Spring color. Let dry, then reinsert the closet doors into their tracks or onto their hinges.
  7. Use a tape measure and circular saw to cut the molding trim down to the appropriate size. How long the molding should be will depend on the size of your doors. Make sure to measure carefully and cut the trim at 45-degree angles so that it fits together.
  8. Paint the cut trim using the small foam brush. Let dry.
  9. Using the trim nailer gun and tape measure, attach the painted trim to the hanging closet doors.
  10. Lastly, use the screwdriver to install your new hardware. Ta-da—a total closet refresh!

What Other Home Renovation Projects Are Good for Spring?

If you’re really on a spring renovation kick, it’s a great time to upgrade your curb appeal with a few exterior DIYs. You could also try building a stunning accent wall in your space. Or, go for some tried-and-true furniture painting. Just be sure to select the right paint for the job, especially if you’re working on outdoor furniture for warmer days ahead!

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