Storage Hack for Bike Gear

Get your bike gear organized so you can get riding

Family Handyman

To go I got tired of hunting down all my biking gear when I wanted to go for a ride. Iā€™m trying to be more organized, so I picked up this plastic crate at a garage sale to solve the problem. I simply screwed some 2×4 pieces to the back of the crate (use fender washers with the screws to better grip the plastic). Then I screwed through the studs into the 2x4s. Next I screwed a 25-in.-long 2×4 to the front of the top and added a pair of rubber-coated bike hooks. I keep biking shoes, a helmet, gloves, a tire pump and my water bottles within reach so I spend more time biking and less time looking in closets! ā€” Jay Norman

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