Black Flag® Insecticide Eliminates Flying Insects on the First Try

One can of a high-quality wasp, hornet and yellow jacket spray is enough to kill off a nest as long as you use it properly.

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I’m no expert on wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. But I do know that when flying, stinging whatchamacallits built a nest the size of a football in a tree near my front door, it had to go. I called an exterminator. The guy showed up toting five cans of flying insect spray and a long pointed rod. He shot one full can into the nest opening and the returning “bees” started swarming. So he poked a hole in the nest with the rod and proceeded to empty the remaining four cans into the hole. Dumping 80 oz. of insecticide into the nest seemed like overkill to me—more like death by drowning than death by insecticide. But the nest was gone and so was my $150.

Black Flag® Eliminates Flying Insects on the First Try

A few months later, I discovered another nest. This one was between two retaining blocks along my sidewalk. Coming to my door meant walking right through the final glide path—a great way to get stung. I had to defend my turf and get rid of this nest too.

However, this time I wanted to do it myself and save the $150. I did some research on nest removal techniques and learned I didn’t need five cans to do the job—nobody does. One can of a high-quality wasp, hornet and yellow jacket spray is enough to kill off a nest as long as you use it properly.

At the home center, I had a choice between name-brand products and cheaper economy brands I had never heard of. I had once tried an economy brand of household ant and roach killer to get rid of huge black ants in my kitchen. But I was disappointed with the results. The ants were still there even after multiple applications. With that bad experience in mind, the price savings on the economy brands of wasp, hornet and yellow jacket spray weren’t enough to entice me to take a chance, especially since I wanted this to be a one-time procedure.

I needed something powerful to kill off the nest quickly so I could use my sidewalk again. I didn’t know what type of “bees” I was dealing with. But the label on the Black Flag® Wasp, Hornet & Yellow Jacket Killer can said it killed those three types of flying insects as well as one more. Plus, it had a money-back guarantee. I figured the company must take a lot of pride in its product to offer that kind of guarantee. So I bought it.

I read the label directions, which pretty much confirmed what I had read online—don’t do this during the day in the height of nest activity and don’t spray when it’s raining. There was no rain in the forecast for that evening, and it was supposed to be calm. The directions say you can spray if there’s wind, but only if it’s at your back (to prevent spray drift). After sunset, I checked out the nest activity and noticed a substantial drop in glide path traffic. That’s when I decided to act.

The can contains several ingredients so it’s important to shake it well before applying. I did that. Then it was time to find the best location to perform the operation. According to the directions, the spray jet can reach 29 ft. I wanted to be closer than that so I could get a more precise aim and get the spray in the crevice between the blocks. But I obviously didn’t want to be close enough to meet any late stragglers packing an attitude. I chose a spot about 4 ft. away and squeezed the trigger. The stream went deep into the crevice. I quit spraying when I noticed the inside of the crevice was soaked and the product was beginning to leak out. I had only used half the can.

The next day there was no activity. The Black Flag® Wasp, Hornet & Yellow Jacket Killer worked exactly as promised. It’s a powerful product that killed off the entire nest. The spray mechanism worked perfectly, providing a straight stream that’s easy to aim.

Bottom line: It’s a no-nonsense product that gets the job on the first try.

Here are my takeaways from the experience:

• You don’t need an exterminator. This isn’t rocket science, and you don’t need to spend $150 to watch somebody put on a show by spraying five cans of insecticide into a nest. Just buy Black Flag Wasp, Hornet & Yellow Jacket Killer. Use it as directed and you’ll kill off the nest. It’s that simple.

• The Black Flag® brand is powerful and works fast. After spraying, I saw a few late arrivals swoop in toward the nest opening. They sensed the product and immediately flew away. But none of the nest dwellers came out after the application. The product killed the nest that quickly.

• Buy a high-quality product. You only want to do this once. This Black Flag® product did the job for me. The small price saving compared with the economy brands simply wasn’t worth it in my mind.

• Outside only. The Black Flag® Wasp, Hornet & Yellow Jacket Killer is powerful and provides quick knockdown of flying critters. But it’s an outdoor product that should never be used indoors.

• Don’t skip the shaking step. The purpose of shaking the can before using is to get a fully mixed, full-strength spray to hit the nest right away. Once again, reading (and following) the label directions will get you the best results.

• Don’t overapply. A half can was all it took to get rid of the nest along my sidewalk. You may need to apply more. But all wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket killers can be harmful to fish, so it’s really important to limit runoff so the killer doesn’t end up in a storm drain. I stopped spraying when I saw the liquid running out of the nest and onto the blocks.

• Black Flag® products are safe to use when used as directed. You don’t need rubber gloves or a respirator.

For more information on Black Flag® Wasp, Hornet & Yellow Jacket Killer, plus other insecticide products, visit their Facebook page.

— Rick Muscoplat, Contributing Editor

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Black Flag® Insecticides. The opinions and text are all mine.

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