Blink Home Security Camera

The Blink security camera system installs quickly and easily, and now I can keep tabs on my garage from inside the house or across the world.

Blink security cameravia

After a couple bikes were snatched out of my garage, I installed a pair of Blink security cameras for some peace of mind. The two cameras and a sync module cost about $170, and the only requirements were that the cameras are in range of my wifi. There are no monthly fees, and videos and photos are stored on your phone.

Installation was super simple: Connect the sync module to your wireless router, then sync the cameras to the network. All of the configuration takes place in the Blink app on a smart phone. Installing the cameras was a snap ­ just a single screw to install the bracket and then snap the cameras in place. They run off of included AA lithium batteries (no hardwired electricity required), so I could position them exactly where I wanted (over my workbench and over the entry door). Once the system is setup, any time there’s motion detected in the garage, I get an alert on my smart phone. The cameras have variable sensitivity (I had a few triggers from cars driving by until I turned the sensitivity down), and you can check on the camera’s vital signs from the app (battery life, temperature, wifi signal strength, etc.). You can also configure the built-in LED light to come on to illuminate the scene. If for some reason I want to check in on the garage while I’m away from home, it’s easy to take a quick snapshot from the app or even stream a live video.

Because the cameras are only active when there’s motion, battery life is pretty phenomenal (I’m still on the original batteries after six months ­the manufacturer says batteries should last about two years). Blink also makes exterior-rated cameras, and you can mix and match up to 10 interior and exterior cameras on the system. For now, though, I’m just keeping tabs on my new bike and tools.

– Andrew Zoellner, digital content editor

Photo: Courtesy of Blink