Briggs & Stratton Oil Extractor Pump

The Briggs & Stratton oil extractor solves the problem of messy oil changes

Briggs & Stratton Oil Extraction PumpFamily Handyman

I have a lawn mower, snow blower and pressure washer that all work great, but they weren’t designed for easy oil changes. It’s impossible to change the oil in any of them without making a colossal mess. So I was thrilled when I found this Briggs & Stratton oil extractor pump.

Now I just stick the hose down in the reservoir and pump out the old, dirty oil. When I’m done, I set the bottle on the ground and clamp the end of the hose onto the edge of my workbench and leave it like that for a while. That way all the oil drains out of the hose down into the bottle. I still lay down some cardboard even though I haven’t spilled a drop since I got it. This 1.6-liter version costs $24 online. Briggs makes a 4-liter model as well.

Briggs & Stratton oil pump

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