Buckle Up for Nailing

Two savvy ways to wear your tools!

tool belt alternatives

Dave (left) is modeling the current trend in high-fashion home framing and finish carpentry attire. To look like Dave, get both sections of an old seat belt from an auto salvage yard. (Belts from the back seats of wrecked vans are stunningly easy to cut out with a sharp utility knife.) After they’re washed and dried, glue the two cut ends together with Gorilla Glue or two-part epoxy, then slide your tool bag onto the belt. It’s a snap to put on and take off, and if your bag gets saggy—a real no-no on the job site—just cinch up the strap to restore a chic appearance.

Jean (right) is wearing the latest accessory for emergency nailing tasks. Simply tie a square knot (“right over left, left over right”) in a Bungee cord to make a loop for your hammer. (Choose a color that makes a fashion statement!) Hook the cord around your waist, slip the hammer in the loop and repair those sagging soffits while enjoying envious gazes from the neighbors. Home centers will provide the perfect size cord for your figure, but the 40-in. long cord is just right for 30- to 36-in. waists. Thanks to readers Rich Gould and John Hagerman for sharing their on-the-job fashion savvy.

Plus: The best way to organize your tool belt.

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