Construction Association Hires Capitol Hill Staffer as Infrastructure Advocate

The AGC is looking to get more influence in the nation's capitol as they expand on their efforts to shape infrastructure policies.

According to a recent press release, the Associated General Contractors of America have hired former House and Senate Staffer Murphie Barrett as an advocate to Congress. Barrett will become the AGC’s Vice President of Congressional Relations for Infrastructure Advancement, representing the association’s efforts in areas such as transportation, water, and utility infrastructure.

Barrett was most recently a staff director for the House Subcommittee on Highway & Transit. She has worked as a lead negotiator for several initiatives, including the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act and the Water Resources Development Act.

“I look forward to working with the association’s members, staff and partners on important legislation to improve the nation’s infrastructure and advance regulatory reform,” said Barrett. “Rebuilding our infrastructure and reforming regulations will not only boost demand for construction, it will help our economy continue to expand.”

The AGC has been vocal in the past on such infrastructure initiatives, including voicing support for the recent repeal of the 2015 Clean Water act. When she begins her new role, Barrett will oversee the AGC’s efforts to influence new federal surface transportation, aviation, and water infrastructure bills on behalf of the construction industry.

“Murphie understands what it takes to get essential infrastructure legislation crafted, supported and enacted,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, the AGC’s chief executive officer. “As important, she understands the vital role associations like ours play in advocating for and helping influence federal infrastructure and public works measures.”

In addition to serving as an advocate for the AGC in areas of infrastructure, Barrett will also take on a key role in the AGC’s efforts for regulatory reform. Barrett and the association plan on continuing to advocate for the streamlining of federal environmental reviews for new infrastructure projects as well as an acceleration of the timeline for issuing federal construction permits.

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