Construction Workers in New York Uncover Long-Forgotten Grave

Two workers last week found what was likely the strangest discovery of their construction careers.

construction equipment stopped sunsetShutterstock/ Eduard Valentinov

Last week, two construction workers were working on replacing a water tower in Heuvelton, NY, when they made an eerie discovery just in time for the start of Halloween season. According to WWNY 7News, the construction workers stopped digging after they uncovered very old human remains surrounded by a decayed grave.

The two construction workers called the local police, but the construction site was quickly ruled out as a crime scene due to how old the grave appeared.

“One of the first things that we noticed is the old decayed wood around the remains and some remnants of old square, hand-forged nails,” St. Lawrence County sheriff’s Detective Andrew Ashley told WWNY.

According to NNY360, a bioarcheologist was brought in to examine the scene and the body, which was taken to a local funeral home.

“It’s a sad situation that we disturbed a gravesite, clearly unknowing this was someone’s final resting place,” said Heuvelton mayor Barbara Lashua. “It is sad that we mistakenly stumbled upon it and we want to be as respectful as we can.”

Officials were aware before construction began that the proposed site for the water tower had once been the location of Heuvelton’s first cemetery. It was believed that all of the graves from that cemetery were moved to a new location nearly 150 years ago. With that in mind, before construction began two archeological surveys were done of the area, neither of which showed any results out of the ordinary.

The construction site has since been shut down until the New York State Historic Preservation office gives official approval for work to continue.

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