Cordless Festool Track Saws- Which One Is Best?

Festool is widely considered the king of track saws. But which of their products is the best?

On this episode of “The Build Show With Jordan Smith”, Jordan takes a look at two Festool Track Saws: the TSC and the HKC (both battery operated). Watch the video to find out which of these two saws Jordan prefers and what sets the apart.

Jordan Smith

Jordan is a home builder in Austin Texas.  He currently works with Matt Risinger on “The Build Show” and leads the steel and carpentry crews for Risinger Homes. He and his wife, Veronica, have 4 kids and enjoy designing, building, and remodeling together as a family. When he is not busy building or filming, Jordan can be found sitting alone, outside of his house in his pickup, scrolling though Instagram, while his family waits for him to come in for dinner.

Ripping down a long board with a circular saw | Construction Pro Tips

Bonus Saw Pro Tip: Table-saw-quality rips with a circular saw

Even if you own a table saw, sometimes it’s easier to rip large sheets of plywood with a circular saw. The trick to a perfectly straight cut is to clamp a straightedge to the plywood and use it as a guide for your saw. On most circular saws, the distance between the edge of the saw’s base and the blade is 1-1/2 in., so you can simply position the straightedge 1-1/2 in. from your cutting line. But measure this distance on your saw to be sure.

You can buy a straightedge or use the factory edge of a plywood sheet. If your straightedge only has one straight edge, be sure to mark it to avoid using the crooked side.

For more circular saw tips and tricks click here.

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