CPT Marker Test

Are pro markers worth it?

If you’re a pro, you probably buy professional grade tools. Markers should be no exception. But are the supposedly professional markers actually worth it? They cost about twice as much as regular markers, so it’s worth knowing whether or not they actually last longer.

To find out, I put three markers to the ultimate test. After constructing a plywood wall I spent a few hours making small tally marks up and down the side of the board. What I found after this diligent testing is that the pro markers actually do last longer. The rough side of the plywood pretty much destroyed the tip on the original Sharpie, but barely put a dent in the Milwaukee Inkzall and the Sharpie Pro. Plus, I was able to mark the entire plywood with the two pro markers but didn’t even make it halfway down the board with the normal sharpie. When it comes to marking rough applications, markers made for construction will end up saving you money in the long run.