Create a Customized Project Tote

Tote everything you need for the job with a DIY tote carrier

Family Handyman

As a carpenter, I need to bring certain items with me every day. I bought a cheap plastic tote in the tool storage area at a home center and modified it for my needs. I made a small plywood deck, drilled a couple of 3-in. holes for coffee cups or glue bottles and then fastened it to the tote. Another piece of plywood has holes to keep pencils upright and organized. My customized tote sits nicely on my bench seat, but this customized tote could also be attached to the floor with hook-and-loop fasteners. You could easily customize these totes for plumbing, garden or painting tools, electrical supplies—what have you. — Don Simms

Check out this jumbo tote for fasteners.

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