How to Cut Thin Material on a Table Saw

Travis shows you how to cut thin material on a table saw with a simple jig. Check out the video and description below, and you can make the jig for your workshop.

Thin material like plastic laminate, Plexiglass or veneer will slip under the fence, so you have to build a special jig to do it.

Attach a fence to a flat piece of sheet good with glue and 2-in. nails.

Adjust the table saw fence to rip the width you’re after, allowing for the jigs fence thickness.

Send the fence through to the far side of the blade and clamp both fences together.

Now when you cut the material, there’s no opening for it to work it’s way under the fence and you’ll have smooth, clean cuts every time.

thin material under table saw fence

building thin material jig

clamping jig to table saw fence

cutting thin material on table saw using jig