DIY Duct Tape Wallet

Don’t buy an expensive wallet; make this sturdy, unbreakable diy duct tape wallet in just about 30 minutes instead.

This project can be built with just three simple tools – a ruler, scissors and duct tape. Colored duct tape makes a more fashionable diy duct tape wallet, but the regular old gray stuff works just fine, too.

Materials List 

  • Duct Tape 
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler 

DIY Duct Tape Wallet Directions 

Duct Tape Wallet

Create the Outside Layer 

Cut 4 10” strips of the duct tape and adhere them to one another with a ¼” overlap to create a sheet. Do this twice and attach the 2 sheets to each other by the adhesive sides. Don’t worry about the edges being frayed, as you will cut this off later. 

Duct Tape Wallet

Attach the Edges 

Cut another 10” strip and use your scissors to split the strip into 1” halves. Fold and adhere the 1” strips to the 10” edges of the sheet you have already made to create smooth edges. 

Duct Tape WalletDuct Tape Wallet

Cut Off Extras and Fold 

Use your scissors to cut the edges of your sheet to create a 9” sheet. Fold the 9” sheet in half. 

Duct Tape Wallet

Close off the Ends 

Take a 4” strip of duct tape, cut it length wise to make 2 1” x 4” strips. Fold and adhere these strips to the ends of the diy duct tape wallet.

Duct Tape WalletDuct Tape WalletDuct Tape Wallet

Make the Pocket 

Cut 2 5” pieces of duct tape. Adhere them together with using the sticky side. Fold and adhere a 1” x 5” to one of the long edges of the pocket. Cut the edges to make it 4”.

Duct Tape WalletDuct Tape WalletDuct Tape WalletDuct Tape Wallet

Attach the Pocket to the DIY Duct Tape Wallet 

Cut ½” pieces of duct tape and attach the pocket to the rest of the diy duct tape wallet. Cut off the extras.

Duct Tape WalletDuct Tape WalletDuct Tape WalletDuct Tape Wallet

Load with cash and start shopping!