DIY End Grain Router Jig

Make this easy woodworking jig for consistent end grain router cuts.

FH19MAY_594_08_052-1200 end grain router jigFamily Handyman

Save Time with this Simple Jig

The right jig or fixture makes work efficient and produces excellent results. I made this jig to round over the ends of a group of identical parts. It’s just a platform with two rails that hold the parts in place. The rails are the same height as the parts. This, along with the “dummy” part at the end, negates any tear out. Also, on a big roundover like this, don’t take it all in one pass. Taking several shallower passes decreases the chance of leaving burn marks on end grain. – Christian Frost

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FH19MAY_594_08_054-1200 end grain router jigFamily Handyman

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