DIY Magnetic Push Sticks

Keep you push sticks within arm's length with some glue and a magnet.

magnetic push stickFamily Handyman

Push sticks are essential safety items for many power tools. I used to misplace them all the time, and I’d have to hunt one down before cutting. Now, I magnetize them.

How to magnetize your push sticks

I drill a recess for a 1/2 in. rare earth magnet into their handles.

Glue the magnets in place with CA glue and slap a push stick on every tool that needs one.

If there’s no convenient steel area on the tool, just glue on a fender washer.  – Paul Jacobsen

Make a DIY push block for your jointer using this tip. 

magnetic push sticksFamily Handyman

magnetic push sticksFamily Handyman

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