Make Sure You Don’t Keep This One Thing In Your Junk Drawer

Leaving this one item in the junk drawer could put you at risk.

Family Handyman

9-Volt Batteries in Junk Drawers

Many people know that a 9-volt battery and some steel wool is a great fire starter. And that’s just one example of why batteries shouldn’t be kept loose in a junk drawer, especially 9-volt batteries. It’s possible that loose metal objects in the junk drawer could short out a 9-volt battery and spark a fire. It’s best to keep batteries in the packaging or keep the posts covered with tape. Check with local officials on how to best dispose of 9-volt batteries.

Also, don’t keep a 9-volt battery in your pocket with change like one Family Handyman reader did. Read about what happened and 29 other spectacular fails around the house.

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