Double Your Closet Space Using Only Soda Cans

This is genius. How did we not think of it sooner?

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No matter how hard I try to Marie Kondo my clothing collection, it seems to expand. It could be that closets seem to mysteriously shrink over time. Or maybe not. Fortunately, it’s now possible to double the size of your closet overnight. Seriously!

We’ve discovered a hack that will help use hanger space more efficiently, with help from something you’ve probably been recycling for years: a soda can.

What Is the Soda Can Hack?

You really can double your closet capacity thanks to some soda cans. It’s not the whole can, though. Just that little piece of metal on the top of a can — the pull tab that helps you crack open a cold one.

We promise that once you try this closet-saving hack, you’ll never look at that bit of metal the same way again! Find more organizing hacks from the pros.

How Does This Hack Work?

Soda tab holding two clothes hangers togetherLaura Denby for Taste of Home

To start, take an empty soda or seltzer can and pop off the pull tab piece. Next, grab two hangers. Just slide the hook of one hanger through the hole on the top of the pull tab, and slide the hook of the other hanger through the hole in the bottom of the pull tab. Ta-da!

The little piece of metal acts as a mechanism to hold the hangers together, allowing you to hang two pieces of clothing efficiently and easily. The best part? The two pieces of clothing lay flat against each other, essentially taking up the same amount of space as one shirt. That’s like getting two for the price of one, right?

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