These Durable Sticky Notes Belong in Every DIYer’s Toolbox

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These durable sticky notes hold up in tough conditions, indoors and out.

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Extreme Notes

It’s hard to imagine life before sticky notes. How did we remind ourselves to call our grandma on her birthday? How did we remember to grab our lunch leftovers out of the work refrigerator?

As essential as sticky notes have become in our everyday lives, they do have limitations. You’d never put one on your gas grill to remind you that you need propane or on your brick siding to mark the spot where you want to mount that new security light.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were beefed-up sticky notes that would work outside on bricks and wood and frozen pipes? Game changer, right?

Well, dreams do come true.! The inventive geniuses at 3M, creators of the original Post-It Notes, have come up with sticky notes 2.0—Post-It Extreme Notes! Catchy tagline: Sticks in tough conditions. Buy them on Amazon now.

These notes are made of strong, durable paper and adhesive. They perform well in hot and cold environments, indoors and out, and if applied to a dry surface, they will hold in wet conditions.

The paper doesn’t tear easily and it has texture that makes Sharpies the recommended writing implement. The only caveat, don’t use Extreme Notes on paper or other delicate surfaces. Use one as a bookmark and you’ll be sorry.

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