Dust-Free Dust Dumping

Our garbage guy, Ron, said if I dumped sawdust into the trash can again, he wasn’t going to pick it up anymore.

Family Handyman

I needed to clean up my act or else figure out what to do with 50 gallons of sawdust every few months. The solution is so simple and neat that if you just give it a whirl, you’ll be sold. Pull a heavy-duty contractor’s bag all the way over the dust bag. The less air you trap, the better. Then flip them over and work the dust bag free of the garbage bag. Because there’s no air to be displaced, the sawdust fills the bag without flying up in your face. I twist the end really tight and wrap duct tape around the pig snout. The bag goes next to the trash can on collection day, and Ron just picks it up and tosses it into the truck. He’s happy, I’m happy. — Travis Larson

Check out this way to reuse sawdust in your garage.

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