Easier Edge-Banding

Stabilize your plywood while adding edge banding with this tip.

Family Handyman

How do you hold plywood upright while you’re applying edge banding? Are you the clamp-it-in-the-vise type who constantly cranks it tighter and tighter to fight the teetering? Or are you the type who uses a bunch of clamps along with various blocks of wood? For either personality type, there is a better way. Using a band saw, cut 3/4-in.-wide, 8-in.-long slots into two 4x4s and then drill a 3/4-in. hole between them and pull out the waste. The twin 4x4s keep the shelf rock-solid while you apply banding. If you cut the slots a little too wide or you want to work on thinner wood, just slip door shims between the shelf and the slot sides.

Plus: Tips for working with iron-on veneer edging.

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