Find Out Why Uponor PEX is Awesome

Uponor PEX is fantastic to work with because of its memory.

Uponor is the largest manufacturer of PEX and one of the best PEX manufacturers out there. You won’t find Uponor PEX in a box store. And you’ll see in the video that all PEX is not the same. Here’s what you need to know about PEX if you’re not familiar.

Uponor PEX Pros

What makes Uponor one of the best PEX manufacturers is the memory of the material. Uponor PEX can be reshaped but it will return to its original shape. Uponor PEX can be expanded insert a connection and the PEX will contract to form a bond that won’t leak. The ring and the tubing are made out of the same material.

With Uponor PEX you don’t need to make as many connections and that reduces the possibility for leaks.

Where to Get Uponor PEX

You can head to Uponor’s website to find its PEX or through professional plumbing supply companies.

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