Stuff We Love: Fiskars Club Hammer

Power and ergonomics unite in this handy club hammer.

The maul side of this Fiskars Club Hammer is perfect for one-handed use on projects like driving in stakes, whacking chisels, and knocking rusty parts loose. The wedge side is great for busting up small slabs of concrete or removing obstacles in general because the wedge itself concentrates the force up to five times more and the debris is sent off to the sides rather than back in your face.

But the feature that stands out most is the handle. This Club Hammer is one of many striking tools in Fiskars’ IsoCore line up. IsoCore is a Shock Control System designed to reduce vibrations, twice as much reduction compared to the traditional wood handle. And less vibration translates to less fatigue. The handle also has a slip resistant surface, which has a shape and texture designed to reduce the chance of blisters. It costs about $35 at some home centers.

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