Get A Free Google Home Mini Just For Having A Spotify Account

All you've got to do is pay (or be paying) for a Spotify Premium account and you can get a free Google Home Mini. But you've gotta act fast...

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Now through November 15th (or as long as supplies last), Spotify is giving away a free Google Home Mini to anyone with a Spotify Premium account. There aren’t really any caveats, other than that if you already got a free Google Home Mini in this same event last year you will not be able to receive one this year.

Whether you’ve had a Spotify Premium account for three years or just since yesterday doesn’t matter. Even if you have never used Spotify before and don’t have an interest in streaming music, getting a Google Home Mini for the cost of a month of Spotify Premium (prices start at $9.99 a month) is still a great deal.

How to Claim Your Google Home Mini From Spotify:

Step One: Sign Up or Sign In

Go to the Premium landing page on Spotify’s website. If you don’t have a Premium subscription you will be asked to sign up, and if you do have a subscription you will be asked to sign in.

Step Two: Click On the Link When Prompted

After you have been logged into your new or existing Spotify premium account you will be prompted with a “Get your Google Home Mini” link. Click on the link and follow the rest of the on-screen prompts to register for your reward. Due to high demand, it looks like there is currently a short waiting period before you will be emailed a link to purchase your free Google Home Mini in the Google Store.

Step Three: Purchase Through the Google Store

The link will take you to the Google Store, placing a Google Home Mini in your cart and reducing the price to $0. Depending on availability, you may be given the option to choose a color.

That’s it! Getting a free Google Home Mini has never been easier, but it seems like you might have to act fast to get one before supplies run out completely.

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