Why You Should Freeze Your Leftover Drywall Compound

Don't let your leftover drywall compound go to waste

Family Handyman

Freeze That Mud

Whenever I buy a bucket of drywall compound for a wallpatching job, I always have some left over when I’m done. But by the next time I need it, it’s always moldy or dried out and lumpy. So the last time I bought a bucket, I transferred the rest of the compound into a small pail, covered it and stuck it in the freezer. That was eight months ago. Since then I’ve thawed it out twice and used it for other patching jobs—it was perfect each time. — Randy Erickson

Editor’s note: Manufacturers don’t recommend letting premixed drywall compound freeze. However, if you’re just using it for patching and you mix it well, it should be fine.

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