3 Gardening Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Even if you aren't an avid gardener, you need to add these tools to your arsenal.

Gideon Electronic Timed Sprinkler System

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This is a great replacement for a small irrigation system, its easy to install right to your hose bib and doesn’t require tearing up your yard like traditional irrigation systems.  Set when the timer wills start and how long it will run for and forget about it. It also features rain delay and manual settings so you stop it from watering when you don’t need to and override the schedule to wash your car. Find this system on amazon, the dual hose unit is $40 and the single hose unit is $35. Next, check out 24 gardening hacks that will make your life so much better!

Fiskars Pro Rake

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This is a true pro tool made of tough material that will last. The handle is teardrop shaped to better fit your hands and made of lightweight aluminum so you can get the job done with less strain. The tines are tough and won’t bend or break but if they do Fiskars offers a full lifetime warranty making the $55 price tag easier to swallow. Find them at Fiskars.com.

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The Gardener’s Friends Pruning Shears

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Trimming flowers, trees and shrubs is a workout with conventional pruning shears. Even in your prime, your cutting hand can ache in no time, and if you have arthritis or a weak grip, you might think you have to hang up your gardening gloves for good. But ratcheting pruners use leverage to make cuts much easier—you can cut through a branch as thick as 1 in. in three or four easy squeezes. Expect to pay at least $20 for a pair of ratcheting shears. This top-of-the-line pair from The Gardener’s Friends ($40 online) features a replaceable blade and a built-in blade cleaner. Buy these pruners now.

Watch a video review of these three impressive gardening tools:

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