Greenworks 80-volt Chain Saw

Take a look at one of the most powerful battery-operated chain saws on the market.

This Greenworks chain saw may be the most powerful battery-powered saws on the market. Even with it’s long 18-in. bar, the hefty 80 Volt battery gives it plenty of juice to plow through wood as fast as many gas-powered models. A lot of cordless saws stall (under too much strain) way too easily, but not this beast. The Greenworks chainsaw would benefit from a battery with more Amp Hours; its 2amp hour battery makes fewer cuts per charge than other saws, but if power is your thing, this saw has it.

There’s an extra power button that other battery-powered chain saws don’t have, which can be irritating when it has to be reactivated after a minute or so of non-use, and a tool-free chain tensioner would be nice.

But it has a user-friendly oil reservoir, and overall its’ a well designed saw that feels properly balanced while cutting. And for less than $300 (battery included), the Greenworks GCS80420 is a great value and one of the best choices if you regularly cut trees and branches larger than 10-in. in diameter.

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