Greenworks Digipro Blower Vac Makes Quick Work of Spring Cleanup

This blower really work—even with wet, heavy spring cleanup!

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Greenworks Digipro Blower Vac Makes Quick Work of Spring Cleanup

I charged up the 40-volt lithium battery and headed out the door to see if the Greenworks Digipro Blower/Vac was up to the task. Even though I rounded up all the leaves last fall, some still managed to build up along my walk. They were soggy and pretty much glued to the concrete, so I set the G-MAX blower to Turbo Speed and started wrangling. I was impressed by how easily the blower lifted the wet leaves and moved them down the walk.

Once I accumulated a small pile of leaves, it was time to convert the unit to vacuum mulch mode. I’ve tested dozens of convertible blower/vacuum machines, and most require tools and an advanced degree in engineering to make the changeover. Not the Greenworks Digipro; it didn’t require any tools, and the conversion was downright intuitive. I disengaged the gate lock and tilted it out of the way. Then I inserted the wedged end of the mulch tube into the front retaining clip, tilted the tube into place and flipped up the lock. Done.

Next, I removed the blower tube and slid on the bag adapter until it latched into place. Then I slung the shoulder strap around my neck, set the machine to Turbo Mulch mode and started vacuuming and mulching the leaves. Just a word of advice here: Don’t start mulching the leaves until you zip up the collector bag. That’s right; I sucked the leaves up the mulch tube and they shot right out of the collector bag, proving once again that any job worth doing is worth redoing. But once I zipped up the collector bag, it worked great and I was on a roll.

Greenworks Digipro Blower Vac Makes Quick Work of Spring Cleanup

The Greenworks G-Max Digipro Blower/Vac is a powerful machine and did a great job even with wet leaves. It’s well balanced and easy to assemble and convert from blower to vacuum mode. It has two-speed switch and a variable-speed dial so you can control the speed to suit the conditions. It develops a maximum blower speed of 185 mph/340 cfm so you can use it for light- and heavy-duty projects on your lawn or hard surfaces. The 10:1 mulcher feature does a quick job of chomping leaves down to a manageable size and packing them into the shoulder bag. Just unzip the bag to dump into a recycling container.

The Greenworks G-Max Digipro has a brushless motor so it delivers more power and longer battery life than other blowers that use a brush-style motor. Plus, the 4-Ah lithium battery recharges in about two hours, so you can get back to work quickly on a large yard project.

With a list price of just $249 (Including battery and charger), the Greenworks G-MAX Digipro Blower/Vac does one heck of a job at a reasonable price. It’s really an impressive machine.

Rick Muscoplat, Contributing Editor

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Greenworks. The opinions and text are all mine.

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