Grill Daddy Grill Scraper

The Pro Safety-Clean Brush from Grill Daddy offers a nifty solution to cleaning up your greasy grill this summer.


It doesn’t take much cooking for a grill to get pretty grimy, and it usually takes a bit of elbow grease to get them clean again. Grill Daddy is now selling a pretty nifty solution to grill cleaning with their Pro Safety-Clean Brush. The Safety-Clean Brush uses bristles featuring a patent-pending technology that keeps them locked in place for a firm scrub. The brush combines Grill Daddy’s technologically advanced bristles with a system that releases a small amount of water when in use. The water then combines with the heat from your grill to generate steam, loosening up baked-on food and grease. The system avoids using any sort of chemical solution on the grilling surface, keeping your food safe from any toxic elements. The brush is also dishwasher safe and durable, potentially lasting for years.

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