Handle Panels With Ease From Truck to Table Saw

Find a tote that folds down when you don't need it to save space.

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Handle Panels With Ease From Truck to Table Saw

Someday I’m gonna have a big cabinet table saw with infeed and outfeed tables the size of helicopter landing pads. But until that day comes, I’ll be keeping this two-wheeled wonder hard at work.

The PortaMate plywood tote functions in two modes: When it’s collapsed, it can be used to wheel plywood into and around your shop. It’s a real back and finger saver. But what I really love is that with the push of a handle, you can swing the plywood into horizontal mode, ready to push through your table saw (you need to adjust it to the saw’s table height the first time you use it). And it folds flat for storage.

The PortaMate PM-1800 Panel Carrier is available at home centers, Rockler stores and rockler.com for about $110. — Spike Carlsen

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