Here’s Why You Should Swap Out Your Tile In The Kitchen

Step aside, tile! This new kitchen trend is taking over, and for a very good reason.

Although tile is visually appealing in a kitchen, let’s be honest, it is the not a pleasant thing to clean. If you have tile in your kitchen (or even in your bathroom) you know that having to clean the grout between each piece isn’t the easiest task in the world. Tile is certainly a pain, but don’t worry, there’s a better (and trendier) solution.

Some homeowners have been swapping out the usual kitchen tile with large glass panels. It may sound weird at first, but hear us out. If you use a large slab of glass as the back piece to your kitchen, it is extremely easy to clean. Cleaning a piece of glass can be as easy as cleaning your windows, which we all know is an easier process than scrubbing the tile grout. It will save you a ton of time and energy, and will even fit in with the latest kitchen trends.

One reason people settle for tile in their kitchen is the aesthetic of it. Tile gives the kitchen a colorful splash and texture compared to a normal painted wall. So by simply replacing it with a glass slab, it almost seems like you are losing a chance for a creative and decorative space. On the contrary, glass slabs can actually create a space for even more creativity than you think. Not only will it protect the paint on your wall from water and food splatters, but it can protect wallpaper! So if you’re looking to swap out tile but still crave a patterned design, replace that space with a patterned wallpaper that the glass can easily cover.

Even if you’re a fan of minimalist design, using a clear glass slab can work in your favor. You can skip the chaotic look of tile and wallpaper and go with a simple paint job as your background. The clear glass will help to protect your wall, and still give you that minimalist look that you desire.

So what if you like having tile, but also like the idea of having a simple cleaning process? There’s nothing stopping you from having both. Some people will actually install a single glass backsplash right behind the sink or stove to protect the wall. Sure you still have to clean the grout, but it will be a much faster process since those “danger zone” areas of your kitchen are already covered.

Now if you’re not a fan of glass, you could also consider installing a stainless steel backsplash instead!

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