They Just Created an Umbrella that Will Blow Your Mind. Yes, an Umbrella

Unbelievable only scratches the surface when describing ShadeCraft's Blossom patio umbrella.

ShadeCraft-Blossom Umbrella

File this under “What are they going to come up with next?” Because the umbrella ShadeCraft Robotics just unveiled is mind blowing in a lot of ways. The features are out of this world because this things does just about everything except your laundry. It’ll fit in nicely among the top 50 home tech products you need to add.

The Blossom uses solar power and is even functional on cloudy days because it will store power while you play music through its Bluetooth enabled audio system. But it doesn’t end there, there’s a controlled lighting feature with embedded LED panels to create the perfect ambiance for any outdoor setting. You might want to add any of these 12 solar landscape lights to your yard as well.

The wind sensor onboard the Blossom will detect wind speed as well as direction so it will close automatically if inclement weather approaches. Make sure you know these storm survival tips next time severe weather approaches.

You can also control the umbrella through an app and charge your device through a USB port on the umbrella. If an app is too old of a technology for you, you can run it through Alexa and use voice commands. Bet you didn’t know these 15 ways to use Alexa at home.

While that all sounds pretty awesome, here comes the gulp part. The Blossom retails for $7,500 on ShadeCraft’s website and is available for pre-order.

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