So Long, Marble: This New Stone Trend Is About to Be EVERYWHERE

Get ready to see this countertop all over Instagram!

While there are many home trends that come and go, the white marble home trend was so popular, we were almost convinced it would never fade. But as things start to level out for the popular white marble, it seems a new stone pattern is up-and-coming. Terrazzo—a mosaic-looking material with chips of other stones incorporated in it—is starting to flood the Internet and take over stores with rapid speed. Does this mean that white marble has finally seen the end?

I first noticed this trend over on Anthropologie’s website. Their Terrazzo Bath Collection is particularly stunning. The set has a canister, lotion dispenser, soap dish, and a tumbler all in the Terrazzo pattern. The stone is a light cream color, while the flecks of stone within it are multi-colored. Bits of brown, teal, mustard, even some lighter pink flecks, all mixed in. The stone chips are typically made of marble, quartz, granite and glass.

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What’s particularly interesting about this rising Terrazzo trend is the style of Terrazzo that is trending specifically. Terrazzo is actually a common stone material used in DIY, but also in sidewalks or floors. The most famous Terrazzo is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The pink stars are placed on a Terrazzo sidewalk, which is mainly dark grey with lighter flecks. While the Hollywood Walk of Fame is using the Terrazzo pattern, that specific type of Terrazzo doesn’t seem to be in vogue. The lighter, creamier stone (similar to the Bath Collection, or the Terrazzo Lirit Side Table, by Anthropologie) seems to be the style of Terrazzo that is trending.

Other stores are catching on to the Terrazzo trend as well. World Market is selling a Terrazzo Cheese Trivet for $24.99, looking almost identical to the Terrazzo items sold by Anthropologie. Even CB2 is selling a Terrazzo Coffee Table, and Home Depot has a Terrazzo Wall Adhesive Film. That means you can turn any surface into this new trending pattern!

Even Pinterest is hopping on board. A quick “terrazzo” search shows striking beautiful kitchens and bathrooms with terrazzo surfaces, all with that cream-colored stone. Most of the homes have gold accents instead of silver and matched with light pink walls, cabinets, and plant holders.

Sorry marble, but it really does seem that terrazzo is here to stay. Looks like it’s officially time to take a hike, along with these other 20 DIY trends on their way out.

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