Home Inspector Nightmares You’ve Got to See

Home inspectors examine every nook and cranny of homes, and they've come across some pretty freaky stuff. Mystery and danger await your inspection!

animal bonesStructure Tech

This is just scary and gross. It’s hard to say how the bones ended up in the kitchen cabinet.

Home inspectors have to deal with a lot on the job, from checking out the roof, attic, floors, etc., they basically inspect every nook and cranny of our homes. And they’ve come across their fair share of crazy discoveries. Welcome to the surreal world of home inspectors and their horror stories.

Home Inspector Nightmares:

Our friends at Structure Tech in St. Paul, MN, look at homes all across the Twin Cities. These are just a few of their home inspector nightmares that were too good not to share.

Boulder Footing

Boulder deck footingStructure Tech

If this boulder wasn’t been used for a footing on a deck we swear we could’ve mistaken it for the brain of the person who came up with this idea. Discover the surefire way to get perfect deck footings with these tips.

Salvador Dali’s Ceiling Fan

hot- fan drooping ceiling fanStructure Tech

We think it got very hot for a very long time here and the plastic blades sagged. There’s no fix’n it. Time to install a new ceiling fan.

Crop circles in the attic

Cold-weather-weirdness attic insulation ringPhoto: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Here’s one theory. Frost on the underside of the roof deck is melting and wetting the insulation. A hot can light below is drying out the area around it.

Home Inspector Nightmares: Ep. 2

After seeing these real-life home inspector photos (and picking your jaw up off of the floor), you’ll wonder what these homeowners were thinking! Here are more of our favorite home inspector nightmares.