Simple Ladder Transportation

Get longer items hauled securely and save room in the bed of your truck

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Hook-and-Ladder Truck

Here’s how to easily carry long items on a truck. Attach a pair of flip-up tool or bicycle brackets to 2×2 wood posts that fit inside your truck bed pockets. My brackets are attached with drywall screws, but they could be bolted on for added strength. Just make sure to set the height of the brackets so they don’t interfere with your side mirror. They install in seconds, store behind the seat in your truck cab, and allow you to carry long items like extension ladders, PVC, gutters and lumber. Stay within the weight limits of the brackets, and make sure your cargo is strapped tightly. I used to carry long items over the top of my bed cap, but I didn’t always have it installed. This Everbilt Flip-Up Heavy Duty Tool Holder (part No. 01192) is available for $6 at Home Depot. — Brian Zoeller

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Family Handyman

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