The Benefits of Planting Hostas

Hostas boast vibrant foliage, are drought tolerant and grow practically anywhere. But those aren't their only benefits.

Hostas are popular plants, and that’s not a coincidence. Hostas have a wide range of benefits and might be the right plant for you to add to your garden. Here are a few reasons why.

How They Look

Hostas come in a wide range of sizes and colors. For instance, the Hosta ‘Patriot’ (Plantain Lily) features lavender flowers in late summer while ‘Elegans’ hosta boasts heart-shaped blue-green leaves. Many variances of hostas are also great at accentuating other plants in your garden.

Hostas aren’t just attractive to humans, though. They’re also popular foods for rabbits, deer and hummingbirds.

Hostas Grow in Many Zones

Depending on the type of hosta, most will grow in plant hardiness zones 3 to 9, which includes almost all of the U.S. with the exceptions of some very southern or northern parts of the country. Do you know which growing zone you’re in?

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Low Maintenance

Hostas are great at surviving cold winters and require very little maintenance. Make sure not to overcrowd your garden so the hostas have room to grow.

Divide and Propagate

Dividing or splitting hostas is a great way to not only make the plant healthier, but also continue to grow the plant in more places. Here’s how to split hostas.


How They Smell

Some hostas boast fragrant flowers, which is most notable in the summer. “Their fragrance is sweet and light, making them excellent choices to plant along pathways, patios, or decks where you’re close enough to enjoy the sweet scent,” according to Costa Farms.

Hostas Are Shade Loving

We mentioned earlier how hostas do not require a lot of maintenance. Another benefit is they don’t require an overabundance of sun, either. Hostas are a great option to plant along shady pathways or in another pocket of the outdoors where other plants might not thrive.

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