How the Royal Family Decorates Its Christmas Trees

The Royal Family helped popularize Christmas trees, so it's only proper that you find out what they do with theirs.

Royal Family Christmas TreeShutterstock

The Royal Christmas tree is always cut from the Queen’s grounds on the Sandringham estate. Staff decorate the tree with ornaments, tartan ribbons and Queen Victoria’s glass angles. The Royal children get to hang a few baubles on Christmas Eve. Apparently the family has a large artificial tree that sits in the dining room.

Prince Charles and Camilla

At Prince Charles and Camilla’s home, they decorate their tree in red and gold, topped with an angel. Decorations in the past have included glittered baubles, hanging glass ornaments, strings of beads, tinsel and berries. The couple also hosts terminally ill children who come to help decorate the children’s tree. That tree usually includes a mix of fabric birds, wooden rocking horses, candy canes, gingerbread men and stars.

Prince William and Kate

William and Kate had two trees in Anmer Hall, their Norfolk home. They had a traditional tree and a small one for the children.

Prince Harry and Meghan

Two years ago the couple bought a Christmas tree and people went nuts. No word on what they’ll do this year. Meghan became the first person yet to be married to the family to spend the holiday with the family.

Buckingham Palace

One of the three Buckingham Palace trees predictably featured a load of crowns last year. Buckingham Palace had a 15-foot Nordmann fir from Great Windsor Park in the Marble Hall and two 10-foot trees in the Grand Entrance.

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