How to Build a Stand-Up Tool Caddy

Boost your portable tool storage with these simple, plywood caddies.

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Mobile & Fixed in One Package

When you need to carry your tools to the task at hand, you could use a toolbox. But unlike a toolbox, this slick tool caddy puts all your necessary tools in plain sight. With a little imagination, it can be configured to hold whatever tools or fasteners you like. The caddy stands up on its own when in use and hangs flat on the wall between projects. Plus: Here are more cheap workshop storage solutions you can DIY.

  • A generous handle makes carrying easy. Drill a starter hole and then cut out the rest with a jigsaw.
  • You can make them any size you’d like, but 18 x 18 in. holds lots of equipment and is a nice carrying size.
  • Hanger holes are centered 16 in. apart, so you can hang the caddies on lag screws driven into studs.
  • You can install whatever tool-holding system suits your needs.
  • Cut PVC at an angle so you have space to drive the mounting screws
  • Two-inch butt hinges connect the prop to the tool panel.
  • The chain stabilizes the open caddy.

Project Plans

FH19MAY_594_06_T01-1200 tool caddyFamily Handyman

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