Finally! Here’s How to Fold a Fitted Sheet in Seconds

Raise your hand if you shove your fitted sheets in your closet because you never figured out the best way to fold them. (Yeah, us too.) Consider those days over because we just found the shortcut you've been waiting for.


Folding a fitted sheet can be an exercise in futility. You have tried so many times only to have it look like a ball of badly bundled cloth. But it really isn’t that hard to get it to look as lovely as folded and stacked towels.

To tackle the beast, follow this simple five-step process from Katy Michael, lifestyle expert and founder of Sharp Mommy:

Step one: Locate a corner “pocket” and stick your finger in the point.

Step two: Find the next corner. Bring that corner pocket over the first pocket on your finger.

Step three: Find the third pocket, and then the fourth pocket until all the corner pockets are folded over the first one and your finger.

Step four: Lay the sheet on a flat surface to fold the edges of the sheet even with the pocket widths. This is especially important if your sheet has deep pockets.

Step five: Now you have a nice, rectangular, flat sheet to fold. Fold in half lengthwise twice and then in thirds crosswise.

To watch this method in action, watch the minute-long video below from blogger Living on a Dime:

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