The Easiest Way to Fold a Fitted Sheet

It seems like no one really knows how to fold a fitted sheet, so we asked some experts who claimed they did.

We’ve all been there. You finally took the plunge and bought yourself new bed sheets, and now it’s time to store the old ones. Unfortunately, this means you have to fold the dreaded fitted sheet. It’s easy to just give up after your fifth attempt at getting this monstrosity to lie flat on your shelves, and just crumple it up and shove it in the back. But there’s no need! We’ve got you covered. We spoke to home organizing experts and learned their secrets. Here is how to fold a fitted sheet.

Prep your space

Find an open space without a lot of clutter. You’ll need a lot of space to do this. An open section of clean floor works just fine. Experts at Bed Bath & Beyond suggested a few other tips to help the process. Freshly dried or wrinkle-free sheets work the best, so be sure to do this right after taking your sheets out of the dryer— which shouldn’t be too hard, because you should definitely wash your sheets every week for this important reason.

Step 1

Take the long end of your sheet and flip the two corners inside out, placing your hands inside them at the points. The other half of your sheet will hang down, still right-side-out.

Step 2

Put your hands together so that the inside-out corners are touching. Pull the right elastic edge over your hand where the corners are touching and line it up with the left elastic edge. Shake the sheet slightly to let gravity help you get everything in line. Slide your free hand down the elastic to find the other two corners, and make sure they are folded over one another as well. At this point, the sheet should be basically folded in half with the corners nestled inside one another.

Step 3

Now that your hands are once again in the corners, repeat the first step. Put the corners together and fold one corner over the other, so that all the elastic is perfectly lined up. Next, lay your sheet down on a flat surface. Obviously your bedroom is the best spot for your fitted sheet, but find out the 10 things you should never keep in your bedroom.

Step 4

“If you’ve done this correctly, your sheet should be in a square, and the elastic should be making a curved ‘L’ shape,” Bed Bath & Beyond told us. If it isn’t, don’t stress; just try again! Now, take the fluffy side of the sheet and fold it in a third. Take the flat side and fold it in a third, creating a long rectangle.

Step 5

Fold your rectangle in half, a third, or quarters depending on the size and shape you prefer to store. Voilà! That’s how to fold a fitted sheet—you’re done! Another expert tip from Bed Bath & Beyond: Fold your fitted sheet first, and then the flat sheet to match. It’s much easier to change the proportions of your flat sheet mid-process than it is to adjust your fitted sheet! Still confused about how to fold a fitted sheet? Watch this step-by-step video by the experts at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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