How to Install Concrete Flower Bed Edging

Edging lends a crisp, clean, finished look to a flower bed. It also keeps the lawn from migrating into the bed and mulch from migrating out.

Edging lends a crisp, clean, finished look to a flower bed. It also keeps the lawn from migrating into the bed and mulch from migrating out. Additionally, certain kinds of edging have a wide surface so you can run the lawnmower wheels over it for a close cut that eliminates trimming.

Types of Flower Bed Edging

There are many kinds of edging available—plastic, wood, metal and concrete. Many people like concrete because it never needs to be replaced. If you’re thinking of installing concrete flower bed edging, you have two options. You can pour the edging, which requires trenching, making a form, staking it in place, then pouring and smoothing concrete. This looks great and you can make the edging any width you want. But, it is a lot of work.

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An easier and less-expensive alternative is to use precast concrete edging stones, available in a range of styles and sizes. You can get these concrete edgers at a big box store, sometimes for less than a dollar apiece. There are often several colors to choose from, primarily gray and tan, sometimes brick red. Don’t have a truck? Some big box stores will rent one to you.

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Popular Concrete Flower Bed Edging

One of the most common precast concrete edgers sold is the scalloped edger, which is available in straight or curved designs. Frankly, the design is somewhat dated looking, but you can rectify that by installing the edging upside down so the scalloped portion is below ground. There are other styles as well, including interlocking blocks and faux brick.

How to Install Concrete Flower Bed Edging

Precast concrete flower bed edging stones are easy to install. Lay out the shape of the bed with a rope or garden hose, then use a flat-blade spade to make a trench. Cut into the ground along one side, then face the opposite direction and slice along the other side. Learn how to dig a trench for flower bed edging. Excavate the soil, line the trench with an inch of sand, then install the edging stones one by one. Make sure they’re level, tamping down with a rubber mallet if needed, then backfill.

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