How to Make Clipping Your Dog’s Nails Pain-free

Put your dog at ease by introducing them properly to nail clipping. These tips will make nail clipping a breeze.

Clipping-a-dogs-nailsKhomkrit Songsiriwith/Shutterstock

No doubt, one of the most stressful tasks for dog owners is trying to trim their dog’s nails. So how do you make nail trimming easy and stress-free for your dog? There are a few approaches you can take to make nail clipping a breeze and keep your dog calm.

How to Take the Stress Out of Nail Trimming

One way to get your dog comfortable with nail clipping is to train them to get used to having someone touch their paws. Giving them a treat after petting their paws is a way to condition them to think something good is going to come. Slowly introduce them to the nail clipper and then start slow. The last thing you want to do is cut the nail too short, which is a painful experience for your dog. You could continue to introduce the process slowly by clipping just one nail a day to make it less traumatic for your dog. Then you can build up to doing them all at once.

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Nail Trimming Made Easy

You can make nail trimming easy through other techniques like introducing your dog to the clipper noise before actually trimming their nails. After squeezing the clippers you can reward your dog with a treat to further ingrain that trimming their nails is a good experience. You can act happy when you’re holding the clippers to help put your dog at ease, too.

Remember to keep the nail clippers sharp because a dull clipper can make for a painful nail trimming experience for your dog. And if you do cut the quick of the nail, be sure to keep corn starch nearby to staunch any bleeding.

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